Individual membership is for all those aged 18 years or older who are not in full time education. This membership category allows members to have full use of all club facilities.

Annual Membership€ 392 € 290
Paid Monthly (over 5 months)5 x € 81 5 x € 61
Adult Aged Under 28€ 183
Adult Aged Under 28 Paid Monthly (over 3 months)3 x € 65
Country Individual Membership *€ 224

* Country Membership: Living over 50 miles / 80km from the Club.



  • Court charges apply and full details available at Reception.
  • Gym Membership not included in Club Membership.
  • Affiliation Fees to the relevant National Racquet Association are NOT included in your membership fee. As part of the membership process, the Club will offer to collect Affiliation Fees for the respective Association and forward directly, on your behalf, your payment.
    Affiliation Fees are obligatory for all members who play in competitions. All club events included.
    These fees are not part of the club’s income.