Code of Conduct for Parents / Carers

26th February 2024

Parents/Carers in tennis, badminton and squash play a key role in the promotion
of an ethical approach to our sport and young people’s enjoyment in the game.
Parents/guardians therefore need to be aware, informed and involved in
promoting the safest possible environment for children to enjoy their
participation in sport. Sports Leaders need the support of parents/guardians in
conveying the Safe, Fun and Fair Play message.

You should help and support the implementation of best practice policies in
your child’s/children’s Club by following the guidance below.

• Become members of the Club and contribute your time and effort in the
daily running of the Club; no club can operate successfully and safely
without the help of volunteers.
• Understand and ensure your child/children abide by the Code.
• Be available for specified duties if and when required; some duties are
mandatory and form part of the procedures for safeguarding your
children; some will be at the request of the Club.
• Have an awareness of and respect for Leaders and other adults and their
roles within the Club.
• If you wish to raise an issue with a Leader this should be addressed with
the Leader in an appropriate manner and not in front of children and
young people
• Respect and abide by the decisions made by the Committee and other
Leaders, these should be made in the best interests of the children in the
• Understand the complaints process and follow the proper procedure if
you feel unjustly treated, with the knowledge that any complaint will be
dealt with effectively and confidentially.
• Know your child’s training and/or competitive programme, and accept it
is your responsibility for delivering and collecting your child/children.
Parents/carers should ensure they do not leave their child/children waiting
unsupervised at any time.
• Ensure the environment is safe and enjoyable for your child/children.
• Promote fair play and the positive aspects of sport.
• Be a role model for your children and young people by maintaining the
• standards of personal conduct and respectful behaviour in any activity
related to the sports club/organisation.
• Allow your child to focus their efforts and success in terms of their goals
rather than winning being the main objective.
• Promote participation for children that is fun, safe and in the spirit of fair
• Ensure appropriate leaders are informed regarding any absenteeism,
medical conditions or other relevant matters concerning your child.
• Arrange an appropriate time and place for discussing any matter with
leaders and coaches; communication should not take place whilst leaders
and coaches are in a position of supervision or responsible for other
young people.
• You should have the opportunity to put forward suggestions and
• Provide the Club with appropriate information in relation to your child to
ensure their safe inclusion in the club and with emergency contact
information and to be reasonably available in case of emergency.
• Abide by the procedures and policies in this document especially with
regard to the use of smart phones, any type of camera and videoing
• Be aware and abide by the safeguarding policy, the rules and constitution
of your organisation and the rules and constitution of your own Club.

Zero-Tolerance Policy on Abusive Behaviour: GLTC has a zero tolerance policy
towards any form of abusive, demeaning, inappropriate, or intimidating
behaviour towards staff, committee members, Board of management and
members. Violations of this policy will result in immediate disciplinary action,
up to and including termination of membership.

All parents of junior members of Galway Lawn Tennis Club agree to abide by
the guidelines as set out in the code.