Mark Smyth
Mark Smyth Tennis Coach Galway


Level 2 Tennis Ireland


5 years


Coach in Galway Lawn Tennis Club


My journey in tennis started in Parks Tennis and playing with my Father. I played tennis only in the summer time until I was 10/11, and then I started in Galway LTC. I was coached by 2/3 coaches but mainly by Hugh McDonagh until I was 15. I took a break for a while, but I got playing a lot more regularly from the age of 18. I enjoyed playing the senior tournaments and playing Mike Geraghty’s Tuesday night doubles.

I studied Sports Science in London for three years and whilst there I played tennis for the University. We had matches on Wednesdays against other Universitys home and away. I got to play in Roehampton where the LTA National Training Centre was, and I played against some really good players. After that, I returned to Galway. I became the Galway LTC Tennis Captain and I did my Tennis Ireland Level 1 in Dublin with Alec Sandys. We both passed with flying colours. 🙂 I did some coaching in Galway LTC, but I was looking for something more full time.

I applied for the position of Head Coach in Omagh. I succeeded and moved to the Northern Ireland in 2013. I was coaching juniors and seniors but also helping to organise tournaments, social competitions and other events. Whilst in Omagh, I completed my Tennis Ireland Level 2 and I played for Connacht on a few occasions.

5 years have passed, and in January 2018 I returned to where it all started. My aim is to help grow the numbers playing tennis in Galway, while also improving the standard. There is a good team of people here so “sky’s the limit”.

Alec Sandys
Alec Sandys Tennis Coach Galway


Level 1 Tennis Ireland


6 years coaching experience with GLTC
1 year in the Cayman Islands


Involved with the Connacht squads and regional squads


Represented Junior and Senior Connacht Interpros.
Competed in many tournaments across the country.
Won titles in Club Championships and Opens.