Volunteer Management Policy

26th February 2024

This policy is created to ensure that appropriate procedures are in place for GLTC. We
encourage people to get involved at all levels, and within in any of the sections of the club.

Who can become a Galway Lawn Tennis Club volunteer?

Anyone regardless of their age, gender, nationality, race, religion, ethnicity or educational
background can become a GLTC volunteer. Where volunteers are under the age of 18,
parental consent must be sought from parents/guardians to enable them to do so. The
affiliated body also should consider any additional risks which might be of concern due to a
child/young person taking on a volunteering role. Any person under the age of 16 should not
be leading or holding a position of authority and should be adequately supervised by an adult
if assuming a volunteering role. All volunteers working with Children and Young People
must be vetted.

What is expected?

It is expected that all volunteers would understand and follow the below:
• GLTC’s Policies and Procedures
• Respect our values and the rules that are set out
• Avail of training and development opportunities when they become available
• All Volunteers must act in line with GLTC Code of Conduct
The Code of Conduct is available on the link provided here.

What are the Benefits of being a GLTC volunteer?

• Be part of the Club Development
• Give back to the club
• Experience
• Fun events
• Sport environment
• Get to know new people
• Training opportunities

Working Times

Voluntary time commitment is never expected to match that of full-time paid staff, but they
still must cover their responsibilities and duties as they were assigned to. When expecting to
be absent, volunteers should inform the GLTC Board of Management / Captain as soon as
possible when working within a GLTC Event or Programme, so that alternative arrangements
can be made. This needs to be enforced where a volunteer has given a commitment, which
has now changed due to a circumstance that is in their control.
Other circumstances which fall out of a volunteer’s control, for example a bereavement of a
family member, should not impact on their future volunteering position within GLTC.

Working Conditions

Galway Lawn Tennis Club is committed to ensuring that all volunteers operate in a safe
working environment. Volunteers are expected to participate fully in any training provided, to
assist them in carrying out work activities assigned to them. When working on behalf of
GLTC, volunteers are expected to take all necessary steps to ensure their own safety and that
of members of the public where applicable. Volunteers are not paid, however, where
possible, affiliated bodies should agree with their volunteers what out-of-pocket expenses
may be covered. Original receipts should be submitted to the relevant person/member
organisation executive and be accurately recorded.

Where a volunteer behaves in a manner which negatively affects the operations or the
reputation of GLTC, or its affiliated bodies, disciplinary procedures should be followed in
line with the GLTC Complaints & Disciplinary Policy.

If there is a grievance on the part of a volunteer, steps should be taken by the affiliated body
with whom they are involved to try and resolve it in an amicable fashion, and in a timely
manner. This procedure should allow for a fair and supportive opportunity for the volunteer
to state their issue (s) which will assist in resolving the grievance.


During their activities on behalf of Galway Lawn Tennis Club, volunteers may have access to
information that is not intended for dissemination publicly. Volunteers are required to keep
this information confidential. It is the responsibility of the committee/groups, to determine
the appropriate time at which confidential information will be released to the public, subject
to adherence to any relevant legislative requirements.

Relationship between Volunteer and Paid Staff

Volunteers are appointed to enhance the capacity of paid staff (including employment scheme
workers), not as substitute for them. Clear roles are established to differentiate between paid
staff and volunteers to foster mutually beneficial and complementary relationships.

Training & Development

Galway Lawn Tennis Club is committed to providing volunteers with an opportunity to learn
and grow through their engagement with the Sport. Learning opportunities may arise from
participating in tasks or activities that are new to a volunteer or through taking on committee
or project management responsibilities.

Each volunteer should receive an appropriate level of induction training. Volunteers can also
be trained by the following methods:
• Shadowing a more experienced volunteer
• Specific orientation on a role
• Online/E-Learning training provided by our National Sporting Bodies
• Face-to-Face Training provided by National Sporting Bodies or a recognised Third Party

Any training provided will be appropriate to the demands of the position and the capabilities
of the volunteer.


Volunteers are not paid by GLTC. However, Out-of-pocket expenses may be reimbursed to
volunteers, subject to the agreement of the Club Manager and Board of Management in terms
of events or other associated projects or programmes. Original receipts must be submitted to
the management committee within one month of being accrued for costs being reimbursed.

Managing Difficulties

GLTC recognises that difficulties may arise between volunteers and staff from time to time.
Whenever possible, any such difficulties will be dealt with informally and in a timely fashion.
All volunteers must observe our Code of Conduct when operating within the Club.

Disciplinary Matters

Should the behaviour or activities of a volunteer pose difficulties to the operations or
reputation of GLTC, then an appropriate disciplinary procedure will be followed in line with
our Complaints and Disciplinary Policy. The disciplinary procedure will provide volunteers
with an opportunity to explain their case fully and fairly.

Ending the Volunteer Relationship

Volunteers roles have a natural end where the individual will often move on to further
opportunities or paid work. In this instance GLTC will conduct an exit interview with the
volunteer as a way to capture feedback on their role, experience within the organisation and
future learning opportunities.

There may be occasions when volunteers need to be dismissed. The volunteers who do not
adhere to the rules and procedures of the Galway Lawn Tennis Club or who fail to
satisfactorily perform their duties are subject to dismissal. No volunteer will be dismissed
until the volunteer has had an opportunity to discuss the reasons for possible dismissal with
the club.

Possible grounds for dismissal may include, but are not limited to the following;
• gross misconduct or insubordination
• being under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol
• theft of property/money or misuse of the equipment or materials
• abuse
• mistreatment of members or co-workers/volunteers
• failure to abide by policies and procedures
• inappropriate behaviour and language – swearing